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香港航空 將於 2021 年 1 月 2 日起恢復大阪的航班服務,每週四和週六飛往關西國際機場。因應疫情和旅遊限制,香港航空暫停了日本航線接近一年,於本月初恢復了往返東京的服務。除了目前週五飛往成田國際機場的服務外,香港航空還將於 2021 年 1 月 1 日起逢週日增加一個航班飛往東京。大阪和東京航線同樣使用空中巴士 A330 客機,以確保有充足的貨運空間從這兩個受歡迎的城市運送貨物和新鮮食品到港。有關大阪和東京的詳細航班資訊,請瀏覽 www.hongkongairlines.com

客可在起飛前 24 小時重新預訂航班或更改航點,並無需任何更改費用。香港航空致力為所有顧客提供安全的出行體驗。除了深層清潔和消毒機艙外,機上安裝了高效濾網(HEPA)過濾有害病菌,並將空氣流動調至最大,以確保機艙中的所有空氣每三分鐘過濾一次。此外,我們還採取了其他預防措施,例如強制佩戴口罩、自助辦理登機手續和登機、登機前量度體溫等,以加強額外的防護。

Hong Kong Airlines will resume its services to Osaka from 2 January 2021, operating every Thursday and Saturday to Kansai International Airport. Earlier this month, the carrier restarted its services to Tokyo, after almost a year of hiatus due to the pandemic and travel restrictions. In addition to the current service departing for Narita International Airport every Friday, Hong Kong Airlines will add a Sunday service between Hong Kong and Tokyo from 1 January 2021. The Airbus A330 aircraft will be deployed for both destinations, to ensure ample cargo space is also available to ferry goods and perishables from these two popular cities. For detailed flight information to Osaka and Tokyo, please visit www.hongkongairlines.com.

Passengers travelling to Japan are reminded to check the latest travel restrictions imposed by the local government. To offer customers more travel flexibility, rebooking of flights or last-minute change of destination is allowed up to 24 hours before departure without any change fees.

Hong Kong Airlines is also committed to providing a safe travel experience to all its customers. In addition to deep cleaning and disinfection of the aircraft interiors, HEPA filters on board help to keep harmful bacteria out and airflow is turned to maximum, to ensure the air in the cabin is filtered every few minutes. Other preventive measures such as mandatory face covering, contactless check-in and boarding and temperature taking before boarding are also implemented as extra precaution.

關於 香港航空

成立於 2006 年,香港航空乃以香港為基地的全服務航空公司,其航線網絡廣泛覆蓋亞太地區 25 個主要城市,分別與多間航空和渡輪服務公司簽訂 87 個聯程協議、15 個代碼共享及 1 個聯營合作。香港航空擁有全球最年輕的機隊之一,服務備受國際肯定,自 2011 年起榮獲國際認可的 Skytrax 四星級評級。

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