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螢幕快照 2016-04-11 上午11.22.00



最新出爐嘅Hong Kong Airlines安全示範短片貫徹了我們去年推出嘅「Sweeten You Up」星級服務,希望以輕鬆歡樂嘅畫風同表達手法,保障乘客飛行安全之餘,亦為旅客送上優質貼心嘅服務。

‘Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome aboard Hong Kong Airlines!’
The flight is ready to take off and your journey is going to start when you hear the welcome message~ Please ensure your hand baggage and tables are stowed, seat backs are upright and your seatbelt is fastened! What else should you be reminded?

Hong Kong Airlines the newest safety video is now out with friendly anime presentation! Thank you for your attention, we always want our passengers to have a safe, sweet and pleasant journey

Watch it now!